Door of Faith Orphanage Nursery

Completed Full Cycle Build ~ Nursery

Door of Faith Orphanage (DOFO) was founded in Tijuana, Mexico in 1959 by Curtis and Sylvia Freeze. They came to Mexico with $35 in their pocket and a vision to help underprivileged children living in Baja California. Unsatisfied with their location in Tijuana, the Freeze's began to search for a new site for a permanent home. In 1962, a friend brought then to the present site, an abandoned Dude Ranch. In its prime it hosted Hollywood elites such as Clark Gable, John Wayne, and Steve McQueen, who would hunt quail and enjoy the solitude of the valley. For many years the Freezes, their son Von, and his wife, Agnes Freeze, worked to build the kind of home that would raise responsible, productive members of society. 

In March 1994, while Door of Faith was in a time of transition, DJ and Lynette Schuetze joined the orphanage as administrators, bringing Christ centered principles and direction to the staff and community. Door of Faith has grown a great deal since that time to become one of the largest orphanages in Baja caring for well over one hundred children. They are also one of just a few orphanages with facilities and licensing to care for infants. Along with providing a solid home to many children in their care, the Door of Faith has become a base for other ministries and outreaches. They are involved with local ministries, including food distribution, home construction, short-term mission trips, orphanage consulting, and many other areas. 

Strong Tower Ministries, Inc. (STM) visited Door of Faith in January of 2007 with a common interest in the care of orphaned infant children. At that time, STM was made aware that the Door of Faith's nursery building was in very poor condition and almost un-inhabitable. The flooring of the building had caved in, its walls were infested with termites and the plumbing and electricity weren't functioning properly. It was determined that a total reconstruction would be necessary, which would require a large scale funding and volunteer effort. The resulting decision was made for Strong Tower Ministries, Inc., and Door of Faith to partner their efforts to see this new nursery building become a reality. 

On March 27, 2010 construction was completed on the 4,884 sqft Nursery (see below). The completed project was a result of the combined efforts of many partnering churches, individuals, and organizations that gave of their time, talents, and financial contributions. Over 250 volunteers participated in the construction of this state-of-the- art facility that has the capacity to house over 25 infants and full time staff downstairs. The upstairs is currently being used as housing for onsite staff and teenage boys. We invite you to visit the Door of Faith for a weekend or one day serving trip as a family or group and make a difference in the lives of these children. 

As a side note, DJ Schuetze became President of Strong Tower Ministries, Inc., on both the American and Mexican board of directors in 2017, while he and his wife still serve at Door of Faith Orphanage.   

DJ Schuetze





La Misión, Baja, Mexico

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  • 4,884 sqft state of the art Nursery
  • Capacity to house 25 infants and full staff downstairs