Puerta Hermosa

Completed ~ Ministry Complex

Genesis Diez is a nonprofit located in Maneadero, BC Mexico, just south of Ensenada and was co-founded by Greg and Ken Amstutz in 1991. This non profit organization has been loving and serving the Mexican community for over 20 years. Genesis Diez has reached out to migrant, orphaned, and disabled children along with the indigenous families residing in the area. 

Ongoing programs include “Into School”, “Food and Prayer”, and “Summer Camp for Orphanages”. “Into School” is a program that reaches out to children of migrant farm workers to assist in schooling, tutoring, and meal assistance. “Food and Prayer” is an outreach that builds relationships with destitute families by meeting their spiritual and physical needs (such as food, clothing, medical, and legal services). Genesis also operates a summer camp program, that allows children living in orphanages throughout Baja and mainland Mexico to have a week of camp. This happens by bringing volunteer groups from the United States, together with their staff, and joining the children for a week of fun and enriching experiences. Another program near-and -dear to the hearts of Genesis Diez is full-time care for terminally ill, abandoned children.. 

At its inception, Genesis Diez operated out of tents, rented office space, and make shift shelters for its staff and volunteers. Over time, the ministry was able to purchase a plot of land that was centrally located to the community they serve. Greg Amstutz and his wife Patti envisioned a permanent structure that would serve as a “centralized operating hub” for their ministry. Their complex would be called “ Puerta Hermosa ” (Beautiful Gate) with offices, 2 long term missionary apartments, volunteer team lodging, food distribution warehouse, housing, a treatment center for terminally ill children, and a community room for medical/dental clinics, parenting classes, and physical therapy sessions. 

Strong Tower Ministries, Inc., partnered with Genesis in 2013 to begin construction on the project which was completed in 2015. This facility incorporates every aspect of its original vision, and operates a Calvary Chapel church plant onsite.  


Maneadero, Baja, Mexico 

Located just south of Ensenada

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