Casa de Maná Campus

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Casa de Maná (CDM) is the Strong Tower Ministries, Inc., (STM) campus - 

(Picture Albums | Videos) designed to provide the following services: a non-denominational ministry base of operations, short-term group accommodations, long-term missionary housing, internship program, a no cost place of rest for those serving in full-time ministry, and a gathering place for: teaching, counseling, discipleship, and evangelism.  

When Strong Tower Ministries, Inc., was established in 2005 our vision was to be a conduit between people residing in the United States with a heart for serving others, and those living in Baja in need. As years passed, God opened the doors to establish meaningful relationships with various ministry partners throughout northern Baja addressing destitute children and family groups. As these partnerships blossomed, the opportunity for local Mexican churches and their volunteers to be involved became apparent. This led to the formation of both the American (Strong Tower Ministries, Inc., Est. 2005) and Mexican (Strong Tower Ministries A.C.) non-profit status, and a realization that a second base of operations was needed across the border. 

In 2017, Strong Tower Ministries, Inc., acquired several adjacent properties in La Mision, Mexico with the vision of developing a ministry campus that would unite both sides of the border in the common goal of “equipping the Saints" through God’s love. The STM campus project is named “Casa de Maná” meaning (House of Heavenly Bread). In English, "Manna" was God's edible substance, that was ground, pounded and baked into cakes  that tasted like wafers, to the Israelites during their forty-year period in the desert following the Exodus and prior to the conquest of Canaan in the Old Testament, and "Manna" in the New Testament refers to the not hidden bread of heaven -Jesus Christ, the bread of God, He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world. In Spanish, "Manna" is spelled - "Maná" with an important accent mark above the last "á" and is spelled with one "n". The name, Casa de Maná reminds us that God provides us everything that we need each day, just as He provided the manna to the nation of Israel in the desert.

The focus is to raise up the next generation of disciples across the border alongside this second base of operations, while keeping the current generation of servant leaders both American and Mexican rejuvenated, healthy, growing, and uplifted with support and love. The people of the numerous ministries of Casa de Maná Campus are now active ministries even as they wait for the buildings of the campus currently under construction. The foundations of the campus would be patterned off Acts 2:42 where the early church committed themselves to daily teaching, fellowship, meal sharing, and prayer. 

Development of the campus will include construction of a grand central lodge (for fellowship, meals, speaking, and worship), short-term guest housing, permanent long-term housing, intern housing, distribution warehouse, office, workout facility, outdoor amphitheater with fire pit, and gazebo with low maintenance garden areas and footpaths. Construction is underway with the distribution/warehouse building. For STM this will be the biggest and most complex building campus project to date, with plenty of opportunities for donors, skilled professionals, and other volunteers to make this dream a reality. CDM Brochure

For updates on how you can be involved please follow the STM calendar for trips to serve. Donor requests for a live CDM PowerPoint presentation or a preview marketing prep-packet of campus construction plans please contact: 

Adam - Project Manager - Casa de Maná Campus


PH: (559) 816-0001

Jim - Operations Director (USA & Mexico)


PH: (949) 212-8071 


La Misión, Baja, Mexico

Campus Layout

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La Misión, Baja, Mexico

Camino de la Zora, La Mision, 22765 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico