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One of the primary goals of Strong Tower Ministries Inc., (STM) is to facilitate meaningful serving opportunities for both residents and volunteer travelers into the Baja region. We believe all are created to serve others and each individual is uniquely equipped to show God’s love through different ways of service. 

Since 2005, STM has facilitated over 1,000 separate serving trips allowing more than 10,000 people (ages 5 - 90) to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. Strong Tower Ministries can provide a “door to door” serving experience which includes: trip agendas, transportation, serving destinations, service projects, meal planning, and lodging accommodations. 

Departure locations from the United States originate in Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego and most trip destinations are in northern Baja ranging up to 75 miles south of the border to the La Misión area, or as little as 3 miles across the U.S. boarder for a custom surfing trip. Frequency of custom group trips can be arranged from one time only, annual, or multiple monthly trips to the same or different locations per request.

Trip Duration and Types of Trips:

Trips can be 1 day, overnight, week long or longer. Service trips fall into 2 categories:

1. Open Trips: These are trips that are pre-scheduled on our calendar with a 

set destination, scope of service, lodging, meals, transportation, and duration. These trips are open to anyone that wants to sign up until the trip reaches maximum capacity (usually 12-50 group size).

2. Closed Trips: These are customized trips for 1 specific group (junior high/high school, 

college, company, small group, neighbors, church, etc.). The group leader decides date(s), duration, trip agenda, serving objectives, meal/lodging/transportation options.

Trip Costs:

Trip costs vary based on trip duration, number of people in your group, serving 

locations, meal expectations, lodging accommodations, and service project budgets. We are here to serve YOU as well as those you are serving, so a lot of time and effort goes into pre-planning with your trip leader to make sure you receive the serving experience desired based on these factors. Below are some sample trip costs based on a typical serving experience:

1 Day Trip: $35.00 - $70.00 per person. Includes van transportation, lunch, serving destinations to 1-2 locations, service project

Overnight Trip: $85.00 – $125.00 per person. Includes van transportation, 4 meals, lodging, serving destinations 1-2 locations, service project

Weeklong (5 nights/6 days): $300.00 - $500.00 per person. Includes van/charter bus, all in country meals, lodging, 3 -4 serving destinations, 1 -3 service projects, optional recreational/tourist day

**** Type of Service Project Budget will vary in cost depending on project (i.e. $2,000 family home build (not including foundation cost typically paid by the receiving family), $8,000 - $10,000 family home build including foundation cost, medical outreaches, horseback riding experiences, etc.****)

Serving Opportunities:

Realizing that we all have different gifts, abilities, talents, and passions in respect to serving, Strong Tower Ministries has partnered with a variety of great Baja, faith based non-profit organizations, churches, and individuals that STM volunteers come alongside to assist in multiple ways. Keep in mind, you only need to bring a smile and a willing heart to make an impact! Here are some examples of ways your group can experience trips to serve: 

   - Street evangelism | Community outreach events | Migrant population outreaches

   - Prayer events | Family visits | Baja church visits

   - Orphanage visits | School events | Food distributions

   - Infant care | Sports clinics | Meal preparation and service

   - Construction projects | Surfing expeditions | Children’s crafts and games

   - Clothing/shoe distributions | Professional services | Medical outreaches

   - Marriage and Family Counseling | Trade skill seminars | Drama and music

   - Disaster relief | Media | Social justice issues

I Have More Questions or Want to Contact Someone About Scheduling A Trip:

For more information you can go to the general FAQ page of our website. To speak with someone directly contact JIM@STMBAJA.ORG or 949 212-8071.


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  • Since 2005, 1,000 separate serving trips allowing 10,000+ (ages 5 - 90) opportunities to serve
  • Departures to Northern Baja from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego
  • Custom Private group and Open group trips ranging from 1 day trips, overnight, or week
  • Trip costs: see below
  • Many ways to serve: see below 
  • Contact Jim (949) 212-8071 to schedule person or group trip to serve
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